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M & N

Our Love Story

Molly & Nyall's story began when they met at Nyall's fraternity Christmas party in 2013. After growing up across the country from each other (Molly in Tucson and Nyall in Manhattan), they serendipitously crossed paths, wearing ugly Christmas sweaters on the dance floor. Molly and Nyall have been together ever since.

They were inseparable through early Duke "dating" (which involved more themed costume parties) , graduations, periods of long-distance, and moves to New York and California.

Since 2019, they have happily called California home, with Nyall excelling in private equity and Molly leading business development for a French retail company. Over the years, the way they bring out the best in each other has defined their journey. Molly and Nyall recently bought a home and moved to Manhattan Beach (the perfect blend of Nyall's Manhattan and Molly's west coast roots), where they are excited to start married life.

In 2022, Molly informed Nyall of an impromptu work trip to France. Nyall, who had been searching for the perfect proposal opportunity, sprang into action. He secretly designed her dream custom ring in just weeks and orchestrated an unforgettable engagement.

On November 11th, during Molly's first stroll by the Eiffel Tower, she paused to capture the perfect lighting in a photograph. Little did she know, Nyall had bigger plans. A photographer emerged, capturing the moment Nyall knelt down and proposed. Their joy overflowed as they celebrated atop the Eiffel Tower with champagne and embarked on a romantic getaway to a French lakeside resort.

Molly and Nyall's eagerly anticipated wedding in April 2024 represents the culmination of almost 11 years together. Let's celebrate accordingly!